Construction permit agent construction regulations

The Department of Labour, through its Chief Inspector Mr. Tibor Szana, has made an important announcement regarding the Construction Regulations 2014.


In order to address the pressing issues of both the registration of persons and the application for construction permits, which would have come into place on 7 August 2015, the notice determines the following:


  1. In terms of the registration of Construction Health and Safety Officers, Construction Managers and Construction Agents with the SACPCMP, all persons who have applied for registration but had not received confirmation of registration by 7 August will be issued with Registration Verification Letters, on condition that applications must have been lodged before 7 august 2015 and that fees must have been paid in full.
  2. In terms of the application for a Construction Permit (and thus conversely the mandatory appointment of a registered Agent), a stepped approach will be followed. The following time periods and conditions for the application for a permit will be set for construction projects, where projects falling within the parameters will need to apply for permits 30 days prior to contract commencement:
    • 7 August 2015: R 130 Million and more or CIDB grading of 9
    • 7 February 2017: R 40 Million and more or CIDB grading of 8
    • 7 August 2018: Where a project:
  1. Exceeds 365 days,
  2. More than 3 600 construction person days or
  3. R 30 Million or CIDB grading of 7


The above has not yet been formally Gazetted. Please do not hesitate to contact us should further information be required.





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