Monthly update: November 2014





The prime amendment during the period of review deals with the Mine Health and Safety Act.


New Regulations have been published affecting Chapter 16 of the Mine Health and Safety Act Regulations. This deals with Rescue, First Aid and Emergency Preparedness and Response.


The amendments are discussed below. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, or need assistance in managing your health and safety legal exposures.









Description Mine Health and Safety Act, 29 of 1996
Government Gazette GG 38216 (GNR 906)
Type Regulations Notice
Date published 21 November 2014
Effective date 21 November 2014
OHS Act Sites
MHS Sites X


The Minister of Mineral Resources has published new Regulations that have the effect of amending Mine Health and Safety Act Regulation Chapter 16 (Rescue, First Aid and Emergency Preparedness and Response). The new Regulations replace the previous Regulations dealing with Refuge Bays made under the Mines and Works act Regulations (which were repealed in 2008)


The new Regulations do not replace the current Chapter 16, but add to it. Some of the key points dealt with include:

1. 30 and 90 day inspections of refuge bays to be performed, 90 day inspection by appointed Occupational Hygienist

2. Keeping of the emergency plan in rescue bay

3.Supplying of means to enable the identification of the refuge bay in case of poor visibility.


The Regulations come into immediate effect.



Description National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications Act, 5 of 2008 (Proposed amendments to small arms shooting ranges Standard)
Government Gazette GG 38088 (GNR 805 )
Type Standards Proposed Amendment Notice
Date published 17 October 2014
Effective date 17 October 2014
OHS Act Sites X
MHS Sites X


Amendments to the compulsory specification for small arms shooting ranges have been published. This could potentially have an impact on all Mines and Industrial operations with shooting ranges.


The proposed standard covers the physical compliance aspects for shooting ranges in terms

of SANS 10353, as well as the registration of such ranges with the NRCS.


Shooting ranges approved in terms of VC 9088 of 2004 will remain compliant.








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